Promoting Accountability and Justice


OathsAndBonds.com was originally inspired by the investigation into public officials, primarily in Utah, and their posted oaths and bonds for their respective offices.  It has been found that many elected officials have not always in the past followed the law which requires them to record their oaths or bonds in office, or whether they had ever taken place at all.

The dates of interest for the oaths and bonds topics vary, but are most active from the 1970’s up to the 1990’s.  Current (post 2000) oaths and bonds record practices have changed in an attempt to hide the crimes previous committed.  The site has been initially established as a public awareness portal for these reasons.

The founders and operators of this website have also been a victim of other crimes at the hand of government officials, specifically the ATF.  As an attempt to broadcast awareness to these issues, we are maintaining this website to bring information to anyone interested about the activities of government officials.

The dates of interest for the ATF are primarily centered around a swat team raid which occurred in October of 2007 in Delta, Utah.  Although the many events in the last 30 years preceding 2007 have relevant influence in the 2007 raid.