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Photos of Warehouse and Home After ATF Raid

While we didn’t have the opportunity to take many photos of the swat team during the raid, we do have photos of our warehouse and home after the ATF raid.  There are many things to learn by what the ATF left behind.

Below you can view the photos of the house after the raid.  Aside from leaving our beds against the wall and drawers and cupboards disorganized and messy, they left the biggest mess in the home office.  The ATF goons took most business documents they decided they didn’t want and left them in one giant pile in the corner.  This is nothing more than vandalism.  The time it takes to organize and determine a place for each document only takes away from our time to run a business and make a living.  When is vandalism justified?

Below are links to photos of a couple drawers at our warehouse office.  Kept here were the record books (bound books) which contain information on transactions of various firearm transfers.  This is one of the biggest reasons later mentioned by the ATF as the reasons for evening raiding the warehouse.  These items were SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the affidavit!!!  This is evidence of the incompetence of the ATF and their true intention: taking firearms away from the people.

Below are some photos of the entire warehouse where a Harley parts business and Gun parts business store product.  You can see how the ATF team went through every box to find as many items of interest as they could.  Across from the old police car were maybe a dozen crates of gun parts for a rifle that has yet to enter mainstream production.  That entire project has had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into it.  In one day the ATF seized almost the collection of parts.  Why they didn’t take all of the crates is beyond me.

At the very bottom you can see the entrance door of the warehouse was broken as they forced entry.  We asked Agent Everitt if that would be replaced and she said yes that will be paid for by the ATF.  Of course, without an attorney, third party, of voice recorder present she will get away without paying for this damage.  Note: There is no evidence of any firearms manufacturing or tables or benches assembly of firearms as claimed in the affidavit by Steve Barlow via Everitt!

Below are photos of some specific items of interest to the ATF.  Apparent are various guns, receivers and cut Sten & AK receiver sections.  The same type the ATF falsely claim in their SLC forfeiture action were in fact really machine guns.  These items were sitting, just as shown, in plain sight and the ATF clowns evidently overlooked as “contraband.”

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